Just like me, most people think of basements like a gloomy, dull place with low-lying roofs and structure but my cousin Billy’s basement was definitely one exception, embellished into a movie theatre. Even though the windows were compact and high up the shallow sunlight just added on to the climate. He indeed had the largest plasma ever, covering the wall almost entirely. There were a bunch of speakers, each one seven feet tall, surrounding the five sluggish recliners, edged right in front of the plasma screen. There we sat almost every weekend along with popcorns in front of a spine-chilling thriller.


The floor of the basement was surfaced with newly installed rubber sheets. The surface appeared glossy and polished yet provided a firm and steady underfoot grip. The slip resistant characteristic prevented the potential injuries and bruises due to any accidental falls and tripping. The hard wearing and heavy duty material used in its manufacture provided a surface tolerant to damage, guaranteeing a longer lasting durability. The rubber matting was designed with exceptional features of shock and noise absorption. The anti-fatigue feature does not exert pressure on the joints and keeps the muscles stress free. Anti-bacterial features of the floor prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi even under the moist and humid weather conditions. A quick and convenient cleaning enables the maintenance of a clean and hygienic environment. The rubber material feels soft, cushiony and comfortable underfoot. The mats enabled little or no maintenance without the need of an expertise. These dynamic and sprightly rubber floors beautified the environment and spiced up the mood of the atmosphere.