The house was a sequence of geometrical rectangles manufactured of glassware and steel. It was indeed unquestionably modern. It stood right in the centre of manicure lawns as if somehow it directly landed there instead of being constructed. The roof was flat and there was no visible chimney. The main door at the entrance was designed using metal that can be opened with both a biometric scanner and a key pad. The walls were tinted with modish shades of white. The chintz curtains weren’t nostalgic but on the walls were the most confound monochrome photographs of the family. There was no mess around the house at all. There was just one single organic sight of the beautiful white flowers on the coffee table.


The kitchen was huge enough to accommodate a herd of chefs, there are two large ovens and acres of space on which to prepare and cook the food. The kitchen floors were carpeted with rubber sheets providing a firm and steady support. The flooring surface appeared polished and squeaky clean. Despite a sparkly and glossy look, the surface provided a stable and intact underfoot grip, preventing the potential injuries and bruises due to accidental falls. Use of rubber enables these rubber sheets to provide a soft and cushioned environment. In a kitchen work mostly requires standing for long periods of time which can result in fatigue and muscle strain. Rubber mats prevented the build up of physical pressure and stress, providing a much healthier working environment. Alongside all these exceptional features the distinctive design and enticing colour scheme of the rubber floor was beautifying the place, maintain a fresh and vibrant environment. Hygiene is extremely crucial when it comes to kitchens. The build up of steam and grease can sometimes make the surfaces slippery and inconvenient to clean. Rubber floors were manufactured with the characteristic of grease resistance and the ability to trap dirt and debris. The surface enabled a quick and easy cleaning without the need of an expertise requiring minimal maintenance.


All the modern, fashionable features were manufactured into the house without any reflection of the old methods and designs. The windows were huge allowing maximum light inside, however framed in such a way that during the winter times the house stayed warm. The staircase was floating towards the upper floor and each floor was of lustrous polished concrete.