It was a beaming sunny day and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue. There were slight breeze waves. I wore an exhausted smile as he shoved the car’s door, making a weird noise as it closed. I took a long deep breath and began to walk towards the main entrance. As I took his first step towards the school grounds, I noticed a sweat drop rolling down his face, my hands were moist and slimy and my heart beat was as fast as the thumping of the drums. It was so tantalising yet dismaying stepping into an unfamiliar environment surrounded with a bunch of strangers. Moving into a different country and a whole new culture is indeed adventurous. Everything was advanced like entering a posh museum where you are not permitted to touch anything. You could pretty much ask for anything here like mobile phones and numerous exciting games. As I walked past the playing area, I tightened up my grip to my mother’s hand, all of a sudden all the other children stopped their football game and gave me a lengthy, hostile look like if I was some stranger or an alien that just landed on Earth.

The main building looked dazzling and sprightly, just like the sun. I lumbered towards the building trying my best to avoid eye contacts and interactions. The building was huge and was recently renovated. The long empty corridors were all covered up with rubber matting. The rubber flooring surface was squeaky clean and it had a smooth, slightly glossy finishing to it unlike my old school. The rubber matting was unpredictably cushioned and comfy to walk on. It provided a secure grip to the foot and protected against slipping and falling. It was actually amazed by how polished and unstained it was and I thought to myself that at least the environment is hygienic. The interior was sensibly designed using contrasting colours, resulting in a vibrant and joyous appearance.



At the end I realised that despite the unavoidable feelings of an outsider, I enjoyed wandering around and exploring different places. My mother was waiting for me at the school gate and the moment she saw me she rushed towards me and gave me a tight hug. Then we rambled hand in hand. Even though I felt like I am some clown of a circus, this place wasn’t a complete detention centre but actually a warm and embracing school.